Easy FXPRO Trading LLC Broker Review

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Investors Caution Easy FXPRO Trading LLC Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


Easy FXPRO Trading LLC, based in Detroit, Michigan, offers forex trading services. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the platform’s offerings, its regulatory status, reputation, and customer support, providing valuable insights for potential investors.

Regulation and Compliance

One glaring concern regarding Easy FXPRO Trading LLC is its lack of regulation by any financial authority. This omission exposes investors to a higher level of risk as unregulated platforms are not held to the same standards and scrutiny as their regulated counterparts, potentially leaving investors vulnerable to fraudulent activities[2]. Notably, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has issued a warning about Easy FXPRO Trading LLC, specifically highlighting that the platform is not registered in Ontario for trading in securities[1]. This regulatory gap should be a red flag for prospective investors.


Scouring for user reviews of Easy FXPRO Trading LLC doesn’t yield an abundance of results, but the ones available are far from encouraging. The platform has come under scrutiny for allegedly employing manipulative marketing tactics, stoking concerns about the safety of investors’ funds[4]. Given the scarcity of positive reviews, it’s crucial for investors to exercise caution.


Easy FXPRO Trading LLC primarily offers forex trading services. Investors gain access to a wide array of currency pairs and can employ leverage to enhance their trading strategies. Additionally, the platform offers educational resources catering to those new to forex trading, which can be beneficial for individuals seeking to expand their trading knowledge[6].


Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Easy FXPRO Trading LLC operates out of the United States[1]. While location alone doesn’t define a platform’s trustworthiness, it is worth noting for investors who prefer to engage with platforms based in specific regions.

Customer Support and Reviews

Unearthing in-depth information about the quality of customer service provided by Easy FXPRO Trading LLC is challenging, primarily due to limited sources. However, the reviews available suggest that customer service may not be the platform’s forte, which can be disconcerting for investors seeking efficient support in their trading journey[4].


Easy FXPRO Trading LLC is an unregulated forex trading platform, based in Detroit, Michigan. While the platform does offer forex trading services and educational resources, the prevailing concerns surrounding its regulatory status and reputation should give potential investors significant pause. The OSC warning and the platform’s questionable marketing practices raise red flags about the safety of investors’ funds.

In light of these concerns, it is highly recommended that investors opt for a regulated trading platform to safeguard their investments and enjoy the assurance of regulatory oversight. With the inherent risks associated with unregulated platforms, the potential rewards must be carefully weighed against the potential pitfalls before engaging with Easy FXPRO Trading LLC.


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