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Regarding market intermediaries (investment and trading advisers, collective investment schemes, brokers, dealers, and transfer agents)


In the pursuit of reliable and trustworthy investment opportunities, it is crucial to steer clear of entities like Curated Earners. This blog will delve into the practices of Curated Earners, a company that has raised red flags with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) due to their suspected involvement in boiler room scams. We will discuss what constitutes a boiler room scam, how Curated Earners operates, and why you should exercise extreme caution when dealing with them.

Regulation and Compliance:

A boiler room scam is a fraudulent scheme that preys on potential investors through unsolicited cold calls and high-pressure tactics, to sell essentially worthless or fictitious shares. These scammers employ a myriad of deceitful tactics, including stolen or fabricated identities, bogus websites, and counterfeit documents, all designed to ensnare unsuspecting victims. They lure investors in with promises of high returns and low risks, but their sole intent is to abscond with your hard-earned money.

Curated Earners is one such unscrupulous operation. According to the AFM, they engage in uninvited solicitations to present investment proposals. Moreover, they need the essential AFM license or a European Passport, meaning that Curated Earners need more authorization to provide investment services or products not only in the Netherlands but also in any European country. Consequently, choosing to engage with Curated Earners leaves you without the protective umbrella of regulatory oversight or compensation schemes.


It comes as no surprise that Curated Earners has amassed a slew of negative customer reviews from those whose machinations have ensnared. These testimonials offer a grim insight into the company’s practices:

– “Their relentless calls persuaded me to invest in stocks they claimed would soar. They exuded professionalism and friendliness, but once I transferred the funds, they vanished, ignoring my calls and emails. No confirmation or statement of my investment ever reached me, and I realized too late that I had fallen victim to a scam.”

– “Their persistence and aggression were overwhelming. They continually called from different numbers, pressuring me to invest more money. They falsely claimed I had earned substantial profits, insisting on fees and taxes for withdrawals. It was a ruse, and though I reported them to authorities, recovering my funds remains dubious.”

– “Their deceptive tactics are clever and manipulative. Fake names, counterfeit websites, bogus news articles, and fictitious reports create an illusion of legitimacy. They even hacked my email, fabricating messages from my bank and broker, fostering the belief they were affiliated with reputable institutions. It was all a hoax.”

Products and Services:

Curated Earners purports to offer a wide array of investment products and services, encompassing stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, and hedge funds. In reality, these offerings either don’t exist or are of abysmal quality. Curated Earners lack access to genuine markets or reputable brokers and dealers, crafting their fictitious markets and manipulating prices to their advantage.

The company also claims to possess a team of experts and analysts who provide market insights and advice to clients. However, these experts and analysts either do not exist or lack relevant qualifications. They resort to generic or plagiarized information from the internet or other sources, falsely presenting it as their expertise.


Curated Earners alleges that their base of operations is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This, too, is an egregious falsehood. Curated Earners maintains no physical presence or registered address in the Netherlands or anywhere else globally. They rely on virtual offices, mail forwarding services, and VoIP phones to obscure their true identity and location.

Customer Support:

Curated Earners claims to offer round-the-clock customer support, ready to address client inquiries and concerns. This, however, is a facade. They lack genuine customer service personnel. Instead, they employ automated systems, chatbots, or hired agents to communicate with clients.

Communication with Curated Earners is typically one-sided and restricted. They only reach out when seeking additional investments or attempting to thwart withdrawal requests. They evade any requests for information, verification, or clarification, ignoring complaints and negative feedback from clients.


In conclusion, Curated Earners is a perilous boiler room scam that should be steered clear of at all costs. The company operates without regulatory authorization, offering no legitimate investment products or services. Their tactics are fraudulent and deceptive, targeting unsuspecting investors. If contacted by Curated Earners, it’s imperative not to entertain their offers or disclose personal or financial information. For those already ensnared, immediate contact with the AFM or local authorities is crucial, alongside efforts to recover any lost investments. The adage holds: if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Remain vigilant and skeptical when considering investment opportunities.

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