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Warning Investors CryptoFXpro – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


CryptoFXpro is a cryptocurrency trading platform that touts high returns on investment, but before you consider diving into the world of cryptocurrency trading with them, it’s imperative to take a closer look. In this review, we’ll examine various aspects of CryptoFXpro, including its regulation and compliance, reputation, customer support, and customer reviews. It’s crucial to make an informed decision when dealing with financial platforms, and we’re here to provide you with all the information you need.

Regulation and Compliance

The first red flag with CryptoFXpro is the lack of regulation. Unlike reputable trading platforms, CryptoFXpro operates without the oversight of any authorized regulatory body. The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has even issued a stern warning against CryptoFXpro and its associated entities, CFPro Group Ltd. and CFPro Group Inc. The ASC has accused CryptoFXpro of engaging in illegal and fraudulent activities, including soliciting investments in unregistered securities and making false and misleading statements regarding its registration, location, and performance. As a result, potential investors are advised to approach CryptoFXpro with extreme caution and refrain from sharing any personal information or sending money to the platform.


CryptoFXpro’s reputation is shrouded in mystery, and not in a good way. The most concerning aspect is its undisclosed and inconsistent location. The official website,, claims that the company is based in London, UK, providing an address at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU. However, this address is associated with numerous other companies and does not seem to have any affiliation with CryptoFXpro. Adding to the confusion, the phone number on the website uses a Canadian country code (+1), which contradicts the UK-based claim.

In addition to this, there’s another domain,, which suggests that CryptoFXpro is based in New York, USA, and provides an address at 99 Wall Street, 1775 New York, NY 10005. However, much like the UK address, this address appears to be shared with unrelated businesses. Furthermore, the phone number on this website uses a UK country code (+44), which conflicts with the claim of a US location. These discrepancies raise significant doubts about CryptoFXpro’s true location and identity, making it difficult for investors to trust the platform.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer support, CryptoFXpro doesn’t appear to be responsive or helpful. While the website,, lists contact details such as a phone number (+1 587 287 9030), email ([email protected]), and live chat, there’s a concerning number of customer complaints about the platform’s unresponsiveness. Many customers have reported that their attempts to contact CryptoFXpro were met with silence or indifference. Phone calls went unanswered or were disconnected, emails remained unaddressed or were bounced back, and live chat messages were left on read or blocked. This lack of professional and supportive customer service raises questions about the platform’s commitment to helping its users navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

Customer reviews of CryptoFXpro further complicate the platform’s reputation. While some review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber have posted positive reviews praising CryptoFXpro’s services, customer support, and profitability, a closer look reveals some suspicious patterns. Many of these positive reviews appear to be authored by the same individuals, using similar language and styles. Some are even posted on the same day or within a short time frame, which casts doubt on their authenticity.

In contrast, other review sites, such as Sitejabber and Scamwatcher, are filled with negative reviews. These reviewers accuse CryptoFXpro of being a scam, locking accounts, refusing withdrawals, and providing false information about its credentials. These negative reviews come from a diverse range of individuals, suggesting that they might hold more weight in assessing CryptoFXpro’s trustworthiness.


After a comprehensive examination of CryptoFXpro, we strongly advise potential investors to steer clear of this cryptocurrency trading platform. The numerous red flags surrounding CryptoFXpro indicate that it lacks the legitimacy and trustworthiness one would expect from a financial service provider.

CryptoFXpro operates without regulatory oversight and has even earned a warning from the ASC for engaging in illegal and fraudulent activities. Its undisclosed and inconsistent location information raises concerns about its transparency and reliability.

Furthermore, the mixed and questionable customer reviews suggest that CryptoFXpro may have resorted to paying for fake positive reviews to bolster its reputation. Coupled with its high-risk, unverified services and a poor, unresponsive customer support system, CryptoFXpro presents itself as a platform that investors should avoid at all costs.

When it comes to your hard-earned money and financial security, it’s essential to make well-informed decisions. In the case of CryptoFXpro, the best decision may be to explore alternative, more reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms to safeguard your investments.

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