Crypto Investigation

Crypto Investigation

If your bitcoin wallet has been hacked or if you have lost money to a crypto fraud, you can track down your funds on the blockchain through an expert crypto investigation. 

Since crypto investigation is fairly new, many people are unfamiliar with how it works. They may ask, “Is bitcoin anonymous?” or “Is bitcoin traceable?”  Fortunately, even though codes rather than names identify anonymous bitcoin wallets, experts can crack these codes through bitcoin coin trace technology and a detailed crypto investigation. 

CryptpoCoinTrace experts have developed a proprietary bitcoin investigation process that reveals identities on the blockchain. 

How Crypto Investigation Can Help You

Using a regular bitcoin block explorer or other apps on the market won’t reveal names and locations behind anonymous bitcoin wallets. We successfully track unmask these identities because we have:

  • Seasoned crypto investigators and thousands of past cases
  • Advanced crypto analytics and coin tracking technology
  • A proven crypto forensics investigation process
  • Comprehensive investigation reports

Understanding Crypto Investigation

Before launching a crypto investigation, it is vital to understand the steps in the process:

  • In-depth consultation
  • Technical crypto coin trace analysis
  • Bitcoin forensic investigation
  • Investigation reports

In-Depth Consultation

When we accept a new case, we are aware that the first and best information comes from the client. We discuss every essential detail of the claim and request relevant documents, including screenshots of communication and transaction history. We are committed to keeping the client informed every step of the way.

Technical Crypto Coin Trace Analysis

Not just any app will do for our crypto coin trace process. We use specialized software that is typically limited to law enforcement and federal agencies. With crypto analytics, we can discover details about bitcoin transactions and anonymous bitcoin wallets that would usually not be detected.

Bitcoin Forensic Investigation

Human ingenuity is also an important ingredient to our bitcoin investigation. We process the results from our technical analysis using proven and refined bitcoin forensic methods. When patterns and connections emerge, we can uncover the identities behind the bitcoin wallets.

Investigation Reports

Our clients receive detailed investigation reports presenting the client’s case, discoveries in the investigation process and conclusions with possible identities and locations of the people behind the suspicious crypto wallets. Clients bring these reports to law enforcement and crypto exchanges who can launch an official investigation and act upon the findings.

Locate Bitcoin Transactions on the Blockchain with CryptoCoinTrace Experts!

Our team of crypto experts use proprietary methods, specialized crypto trace software and customized investigation strategies and make them work for you. We give our clients the tools to approach law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they will act on your claim.

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