Crypto Investigation Process

Crypto Investigation Process

Since crypto investigation is a relatively new field, many people are curious about how it works. They may be surprised to know that, even in cases where crypto has been lost to anonymous bitcoin wallets, bitcoin is traceable. How? 

Crypto investigation begins when blockchain experts implement advanced cointracking solutions and crypto analytics along with bitcoin forensics techniques to unmask identities behind anonymous bitcoin wallets.

What Are the Steps in a Crypto Investigation Process?

Want to find out how a bitcoin investigation can yield results and help you find your funds on the blockchain? Let’s start by looking at the crypto investigation process, which involves:

  • Data collection
  • Locating bitcoin transactions
  • Crypto coin trace analytics and applications
  • Crypto forensics investigation techniques
  • Personalized Investigation report

Data Collection

After a consultation, the client provides relevant documents, screenshots and information needed to begin the investigation

Locating Bitcoin Transactions

Our team uses a bitcoin block explorer to locate the blockchain transaction and the anonymous bitcoin wallet.

Crypto Coin Trace Analytics and Applications

We dig deeper with crypto coin trace analytics to discover patterns and clues that point to the identity of the wallet holder.

Crypto Forensics Investigation Techniques

In addition to technology, we use human forensics investigation expertise to draw conclusions from the findings and consult proprietary databases with information on thousands of cases.

Personalized Investigation Report

At the end of the investigation process, we present clients with a personalized investigation report detailing their claim with documents and the conclusion of our investigation. From here, law enforcement and crypto exchanges have enough information to act on clients’ claims and target suspects identified in our investigations. 

Locate Bitcoin Transactions on the Blockchain with CryptoCoinTrace Experts!

Our team of crypto experts use proprietary methods, specialized crypto trace software and customized investigation strategies and make them work for you. We give our clients the tools to approach law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they will act on your claim.

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