Crypto Broker Black List

Cryptocurrency is everywhere. You can pay and be paid in it, purchase items and even trade digital currencies. People are often bombarded with crypto investment opportunities, including bitcoin mining, ICOs, or offerings of new types of crypto coins and deals to trade currencies. 

Not surprisingly, many of these so-called opportunities are legitimate. The majority our team comes across are fraudulent. The brokers and crypto services on this list have been flagged, investigated, and are highly suspected of being scams. 

Our experts devote our time to investigating online frauds of all types. In recent years, we have been focusing on cryptocurrency schemes because cryptocurrencies have been so dominant. There is hardly a news cycle that does not contain at least one story, positive or negative, about cryptocurrencies. 

The brokers and crypto services names on this list allegedly have taken advantage of this highly popular trend and have created false services to lure consumers. They may do this by placing ads on social media or confronting people directly to find new traders. They use spam and even cold calling to target people who are new to trading and technology. 

CryptoCoinTrace works on behalf of consumers. We guide people who have lost money to scams towards discovering who took their money and are experts at tracking down funds on the blockchain. We also take the pre-emptive approach and warn consumers before they start working with fraudulent brokers.

That is the reason why we have created this crypto-blacklist–to warn consumers to stay away from the following brokers and crypto services that are highly suspicious. 

We have created this list after a thorough investigation. We first receive alerts from regulators and experts and then do research. We look at customer reviews and expert reviews, regulatory warnings, and new stories. Our team uses proprietary investigation methods to determine whether these brokers and services are legitimate or if they are likely to be scams. 

Any broker on this list did not pass the legitimacy test and is probably fraudulent. The names on the list have been discovered to:

  • Have no license or an offshore license

  • Make false guarantees

  • Have a negative reputation

  • Refuse to comply with regulations

  • Be the subject of an official warning

To find out more information about specific brokers and crypto services, click on the names below and read the reviews for more details. If you have an account with any of these names, close your account and demand a withdrawal. Many dishonest brokers will avoid granting withdrawals, so you should also contact CryptoCoinTrace experts who will help you track down your funds and uncover the identities of people behind the fraud.

Crypto Broker Black List

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