Capital Funds Inc. Review

Capital Funds Inc.

Warning Investors Capital Funds Inc. – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements

Unveiling the Truth: A Comprehensive Review of Capital Funds Inc.


Capital Funds Inc., an investment company boasting opportunities in real estate, energy, technology, and healthcare, beckons potential investors through its online platform, Promising high returns and a diverse range of investment products, the company’s facade seems appealing. However, before delving into this seemingly lucrative venture, it’s crucial to scrutinize the intricacies that lie beneath the surface.

Regulation and Compliance:

In the realm of investment, adherence to regulations and compliance is paramount. According to the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC), the authoritative body overseeing the securities market in Alberta, Capital Funds Inc. lacks the necessary registration to trade or advise on securities and derivatives within the province. This omission signifies that the company is not sanctioned to issue, offer, or sell such financial instruments to Alberta investors. The absence of filed prospectuses or reports with the ASC further compounds this violation.

As a red flag, the ASC has explicitly warned investors about Capital Funds Inc., relegating the company to its Investment Caution List. This list serves as a repository for unregistered entities potentially involved in fraudulent activities, such as Ponzi schemes or identity theft. Investors are strongly advised to exercise vigilance and verify the registration status of any entity offering investment opportunities on the ASC website.

Customer Reviews:

While Capital Funds Inc. flaunts a collection of purportedly satisfied customers attesting to substantial returns on their investments, a discerning eye is necessary when evaluating these testimonials. The authenticity of such reviews is questionable, as they could be fabricated, exaggerated, or even financially incentivized by the company itself. Relying solely on customer reviews is a risky endeavor; it’s imperative for potential investors to conduct independent research and due diligence.

Products and Services:

Capital Funds Inc. asserts a diverse array of investment products and services, spanning fixed-income, equity, alternative, and managed accounts. However, the suitability of these offerings to individual investment objectives, risk tolerances, or financial situations remains dubious. Moreover, the lack of transparency, legitimacy, or regulation by any authoritative body raises concerns. Investors might find themselves without essential disclosure documents elucidating the features, risks, fees, and performance of the offered products and services, leaving them unprotected in case of fraud or misrepresentation.


The company claims a global presence with offices in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. However, the legitimacy of these locations remains unverified, potentially signaling the use of fake or misleading addresses, phone numbers, or email contacts to dupe investors. Prudent investors should verify the physical locations and contact details provided by any company before engaging in financial transactions.

Customer Support:

Capital Funds Inc. touts a professional and responsive customer service team available 24/7 to address investor queries and concerns. However, the veracity of these claims is questionable, as investors may encounter difficulties reaching the company’s representatives and might receive inaccurate or misleading information. Requesting written confirmation of any verbal communication becomes imperative when dealing with a company of dubious repute.

Is Your Money Safe in an Unregulated Company?

The resounding answer is no. Investing with an unregistered entity like Capital Funds Inc. exposes investors to an elevated risk of financial loss. Returns on investments may remain elusive, and the risk of falling victim to fraud or identity theft looms large. In the absence of legal recourse or remedies, investors may find themselves helpless if the company or its owners vanish with their funds.


In conclusion, Capital Funds Inc. emerges as a perilous venture that should be steered clear of. Not holding registration with the ASC or any other regulatory body in Alberta, finding a spot on the ASC’s Investment Caution List, lacking transparency in its products and services, unreliable customer reviews, unconfirmed global locations, and questionable customer service collectively paint a portrait of a dubious entity.

For those seeking secure and reliable investment opportunities in Alberta, it is advisable to explore alternative options. Dealing exclusively with registered entities that adhere to securities laws and regulations is paramount. Prospective investors should conduct rigorous research and due diligence, consulting with qualified financial advisors to align their investment goals and needs with legitimate and regulated opportunities. The cautionary tale of Capital Funds Inc. underscores the importance of prudence and vigilance in the complex world of investments.

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