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AmeliaFX Trade Review: A Deep Dive into the Risks and Red Flags


In the ever-evolving world of online trading, finding a reliable and trustworthy broker is crucial for your success and security as a trader. Among the multitude of options available, AmeliaFX Trade has garnered attention for its claims of offering a wide range of trading instruments and competitive trading conditions. However, as we delve deeper into the intricacies of this broker, several alarming red flags emerge that question its legitimacy. In this comprehensive review, we will scrutinize AmeliaFX Trade, examining its regulation and compliance, customer reviews, product offerings, undisclosed locations, and customer support. 

Regulation and Compliance:

Regulation stands as the bedrock of trust and security in the trading industry. A regulated broker is held accountable by reputable authorities, protecting traders from fraudulent practices. Sadly, in the case of AmeliaFX Trade, the broker failed to provide any evidence of a valid license or authorization from any regulatory body. According to the broker’s website, it operates under AmeliaFX Trade Ltd, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a jurisdiction known for its lenient regulations and lack of financial sector oversight. Notably, the website omits crucial information such as the registration number, physical address, and contact details. These glaring omissions raise serious concerns about the transparency and legitimacy of AmeliaFX Trade.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews:

Customer feedback and testimonials often serve as a litmus test for a broker’s reputation and credibility. In the case of AmeliaFX Trade, a search for genuine and positive reviews yielded disappointing results. Instead, we came across numerous complaints and warnings from traders who claimed to have fallen victim to the broker’s activities. Traders reported difficulties in withdrawing funds, manipulation of prices and spreads, aggressive marketing tactics, unfulfilled promises, and a severe lack of communication. With such a litany of issues, prudence dictates caution when considering this broker for your trading needs.

Products and Services:

AmeliaFX Trade boasts an extensive array of trading instruments, including over 50 currency pairs, 20 commodities, 15 indices, 100 stocks, and 10 cryptocurrencies. The broker also offers four types of accounts, namely Basic, Standard, Gold, and Platinum, with deposit requirements ranging from $250 to a hefty $50,000. Leverage is advertised at an eye-catching 1:400, coupled with claims of spreads as low as 0.1 pips and commission-free trading. However, a lack of verification and supporting evidence raises doubts about the legitimacy of these claims. Furthermore, the broker refrains from disclosing details about its trading platform, software, or trading tools. This opacity leaves traders in the dark about the actual quality and functionality of the broker’s products and services.


In a surprising move, AmeliaFX Trade keeps its physical location and address well-hidden on its website. The only provided contact details are a phone number with a Tunisian country code (+216211184010) and a generic email address ([email protected]). These contact details are neither reliable nor verifiable, adding to the growing list of concerns. The mismatch between the Tunisian country code and the broker’s claimed registration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines raises suspicions about the broker’s true location and identity.

Customer Service:

A broker’s customer service is a critical aspect of a trader’s experience. Regrettably, AmeliaFX Trade falls short in this department. As previously mentioned, numerous traders have voiced their dissatisfaction with the broker’s lack of communication and support. The broker does not provide a live chat feature or a dedicated support team on its website, leaving traders with only the option of contacting the broker via the provided phone number or email address. Regrettably, these methods are ineffective and unresponsive, as many traders have reported never receiving a response or assistance from the broker when faced with account or transaction-related issues.


After conducting a thorough analysis and research, the verdict is clear: AmeliaFX Trade is a broker to be avoided at all costs. The broker lacks any valid regulation or licensing from a reputable authority, making it a risky choice for traders. Moreover, it withholds critical information regarding its company, location, and contact details. Genuine and positive customer reviews are conspicuously absent from the internet. The broker’s product and service claims remain unsubstantiated, leaving traders in the dark about the actual quality of what’s on offer. Lastly, the broker’s customer service is lacking in responsiveness and effectiveness.

In light of these concerning findings, we strongly advise against engaging with AmeliaFX Trade. Instead, we recommend that you seek out a more reputable and trustworthy broker that can meet your trading needs while ensuring your safety and security in the ever-volatile world of online trading. Your financial future deserves nothing less.

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