A Deep Dive into Advanced Mining Group: Is it Worth Your Investment?

Warning Investors Advanced Mining Group – Regarding registration of issuance, offer or sale of securities/derivatives, and reporting requirements


In the realm of cryptocurrency, Advanced Mining Group has carved a niche for itself by offering bitcoin mining equipment and hosting services to individuals eager to tap into the lucrative crypto industry. Boasting being a global leader in turn-key crypto mining solutions and access to cost-effective and sustainable energy sources for their data centers, the company appears promising at first glance. However, a closer look reveals a mix of concerns and complexities that potential investors should be aware of.

Regulation and Compliance: ASC Issues Warning

While the cryptocurrency industry is known for its volatile nature, the real twist in Advanced Mining Group’s tale lies in the warning issued by the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC). The ASC has raised red flags about the company’s operations, highlighting its lack of registration for trading or advising on securities and derivatives in Alberta. Moreover, the ASC alleges that the company’s website contains potentially misleading or false statements regarding its products, services, and returns. These issues, when combined, paint a concerning picture and raise questions about the legitimacy of the enterprise.

The ASC strongly advises investors to exercise extreme caution when engaging with Advanced Mining Group or any unregistered crypto-related entity. Potential investors are urged to consult the ASC’s Investment Caution List before making any financial commitments.


Advanced Mining Group’s reputation is a mixed bag. On one hand, there are few online reviews from verified customers that sing praises of the company, particularly commending their customer service, equipment quality, and profitability. However, these positive reviews lack substantial evidence or detailed information to support their claims, making them less than fully convincing.


Conversely, negative reviews and complaints regarding the company’s practices are not in short supply. Allegations of Advanced Mining Group being a scam, failing to deliver promised returns, imposing hidden fees, and ignoring customer inquiries or refund requests have been circulated. These accusations cast a shadow of doubt over the company’s credibility and reliability.

Customer Support and Customer Reviews

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any business, and this is where Advanced Mining Group encounters turbulence. While the company provides various means of contact, such as phone, email, live chat, and social media, the quality and responsiveness of their customer service raise concerns. Customers have reported unanswered calls and emails, as well as receiving vague or unsatisfactory responses to their queries and concerns.

Additionally, the company’s lack of a clear refund policy and dispute resolution mechanism adds further uncertainty for customers who are dissatisfied with their purchases or services. Advanced Mining Group stipulates that returns or exchanges are only accepted in the case of defective or damaged products, but the procedure for proving or reporting such issues remains unspecified. Furthermore, the company disclaims responsibility for losses or damages stemming from its products or services, as well as those incurred through third-party providers or intermediaries.


In summary, Advanced Mining Group presents itself as a player in the Bitcoin mining equipment and hosting services arena, aiming to provide opportunities for earning in the cryptocurrency industry. However, potential investors should be wary of the warning issued by the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) regarding the company’s lack of registration and potentially misleading information on its website. The lack of transparency concerning the company’s location, coupled with questionable customer service and refund policies, adds to the skepticism surrounding Advanced Mining Group.


Given these concerns, we cannot endorse investing in Advanced Mining Group or any other unregistered crypto-related entity. It is imperative that investors exercise the utmost caution when dealing with such companies and consult the ASC’s Investment Caution List before making any financial commitments.

In a world filled with crypto opportunities, due diligence and prudence are paramount. Make well-informed decisions to secure your investments and safeguard your financial future.


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